VKP 2004-2016 the new urban center

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VKPP territoire durable
VKPP territoire durable

Since the signing of the Matignon Agreements in 1988, New Caledonia has been committed to a process of rebalancing its territory, which had until that point been characterized by significant social and economic development of the capital, Nouméa, and it's surronding areas, where almost three quarters of the population is concentrated.

The grand project to develop the VKP area changed the game. Centred on the construction of a world-class metalurgic complex, it aimed to create a new urban centre stretching across the three municipalities of Vook (Voh), Koohnê (Koné), seat of the North Province, and Pwëbuu (Pouembout).

VKP 2004-2016, le nouveau pôle urbain



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